What is your favorite Minitalia Sandwich?

Have you tried them all?  Do you order the same thing every time?  What makes a great sandwich?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Easy Dinner Options

Don’t feel like cooking tonight?  We just finished a batch of our homemade soups and have them in the freezer.  Take home a quart of soup and some specialty sandwiches and you’ve got a winning combination for dinner tonight!  Check out our menu and call your order in ahead of time or just stop in and you can watch us make your sandwich.

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Things to consider before calling a caterer

When you call for a catering order, we are going to need to know some basic details.  Knowing the following will allow us to give you the best food for your event possible.

When is the event?  Short turnaround orders have limitations.  Sometimes we’ll need to order ingredients for larger orders.

How many people are you expecting?  Plan on ordering for a few more than you expect.  There is nothing worse than running out of food during your meeting.  Why should they do business with you if you can’t even order the right amount of food?

Who is your audience?  A big group of construction workers will eat more than the local ladies garden club.  They are also going to be interested in different food.  We’ve done all different kinds of events and can give you suggestions for what will be a hit with your group.

What is your budget?  We can make a menu on almost any budget.  If you tell us what you want to spend per person, we can suggest things that will make you look great!

Do you have any food alergies or dietary restrictions?  We get specialized requests all the time.  We can make food that will be safe for any group.

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Choosing the Best Catering in Pittsburgh

There are quite a few options for catering in Pittsburgh.  The difference between a successful event and a flop is often related to the quality of the food you provide to your guests.  Who is the best caterer in Pittsburgh?  That’s a trick question – it depends on the event.  Here are a few tips for picking the right caterer in Pittsburgh for your event.

1.  Most catering companies have a niche where they excel.  Some companies are great at the high end weddings, but if you ask them to do a simple business meeting, they are going to be like a fish out of water.

2.  More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Some of the best food comes from reasonably priced family owned establishments.  If they don’t let you try before you buy – go elsewhere.

3.  Ask for references!  Do you really want your event to be a first try for a new company?

Minitalia Deli specializes in business meetings and family events.  If you ask us to cater your wedding, we’ll say no.  If you want us to cater a 9 course dinner for 600, we’ll say no.  If you want a great meal for your clients that isn’t from one of the chains – we’ll say what time do you need it?

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